Your selection of a chiropractor is an important step on the road to better health. The decision should be based on a review of qualifications, training, years of experience, and testimonials from past and present patients. Read on and see how people have benefitted from Beaver County Spinal Disc & Neurology Center and Dr. Michele M. Askar’s treatment protocols.


“I always thought I had peripheral neuropathy.  I would have my blood sugar levels checked, and it would always show that I’m not diabetic.  It felt like I had cement shoes on all the time.  I had pain and tingling in my feet; my toes would even turn blue in the winter.  This went on for quite a few years.  I went to see my PCP, podiatrist, a neurologist, and they all did different kinds of tests: electric shock tests, took vials of blood.  And the doctors said, ‘you have peripheral neuropathy,’ but their only solution was Lyrica.  I was left thinking, ‘Well, what do I do now?’
I had previously seen Dr. Askar for knee pain, so when I saw Dr. Askar’s ad in the newspaper for peripheral neuropathy, I thought, ‘She helped my knee, let me go down and see what she has to say about it.’  I scheduled a screening and began treatment.  I’m now done with treatment, but I still follow through with the recommended home care to make sure I continue to have sensation in my feet.  Before this treatment, I could not walk without losing my balance or feel my feet, not even in a hot shower.  I would stub my toes all the time.  Since receiving treatment, I don’t lose my balance, and I now feel my feet again.  I urge you to see Dr. Askar for treatment – it worked for me!”

~ Robert P. 


“I had restless legs and leg cramps.  Most often I would have the pain in both legs at the same time.  This would happen as much as three times in one night, which disrupted my sleep.  The cramps were so severe they would bring tears to my eyes.  I was living with this pain and decided it was time for a change.  Since receiving the Askar Neuropathy Protocol, I have not had restless legs, and the cramps have ceased almost entirely.  When I do have the occasional leg cramp, the severity has decreased dramatically.  My recommendation to others suffering from restless leg would be to check out what method of treatment would work best for you.  There was absolutely no pain in the treatments I received.”

~ Lydia B.


“Prior to care with Dr. Askar were low back pain episodes that had me doubled over in pain for 2-3 days.  Even when the severe pain went away I was still bent over.  After having a thorough consult and exam, I finally realized after 15 years of suffering that Dr. Askar could help me.  Prior to Dr. Askar, I had seen other doctors and one other chiropractor.  The end result was the same until she started working with me.  I’m no longer doubled over in pain or taking over-the-counter or prescribed meds by the handfuls.”

~ Greg T.


“I was experiencing a lot of pain, physical body pain, especially back pain, and my mother said, ‘I’m seeing someone that a friend referred me to.’  So I came in and started to experience a lot of body relief, and as time went on, I started to experience emotional relief and mental relief.  I have been seeing Dr. Askar for three years, on and off this past year.  I feel like a completely different person, and I don’t know where I would have been without her, physically.”

~ Rhonda H.


“A heel lift was miraculous for me because before I started seeing Dr. Askar, the physician I was dealing with beforehand was not getting any pain resolved, and I continued to have back problems all the time.  When I finally started seeing Dr. Askar, that was one of the first things she did for me was check the weight on both of my legs.  And she’s the one that said, ‘Betty you are shorter on one side, and that’s what’s causing your back problems.’  I was literally bedridden at times before I met her, and she’s the only one that recommended a heel lift for me.  I mean there would be days that I would not be able to get out of bed because my sacrum was out.  Because of this unevenness of my body, it was destined to happen over and over again.  That played a huge factor in my ability to heal, and Dr. Askar’s recommendation completely resolved my back pain.”

~ Betty S.


“I had suffered with hip pain for many years, and my legs hurt all the time, and I was not sleeping well.  I lost my job because I was missing a lot of work due to pain.  Since I started my care, I got a new job.  I socialize with family and friends again, and my future is looking brighter.  Thanks Dr. Askar!”

~ Jim S.


“I fell in the bathtub this past summer, and I almost completely healed from that.  People told me, ‘Oh, it will be months and months and months, and you will still feel that pain in your tailbone.’  Since I followed Dr. Askar’s treatment program to the T, I feel better than I did before the fall.  So I decided to follow through with maintenance care because I have never felt better.”

~ Marianne P.


“I can’t think of anyone that I wouldn’t recommend to come see her (Dr. Askar).  Chiropractic is a wonderful field; it really seems to help in a way it should.  It’s addressing body, mind, spirit, soul, and the physical, and I think that is the only way people are actually going to heal.  She guides us and helps us on the journey that we need to start taking, and then we can slowly take off our training wheels and go on with life.  She made that possible for me.”

~ Cindy J.


“I knew I had some type of circulation problems, but all the doctors said, ‘What do you expect for your age?’  Today, my skin has gone from being grey and dull to looking pink and healthy like I once remembered it to be.”

~ Paul P.


“As a carpet installer I periodically had trouble with my hands and one of my elbows.  For a couple of days there I thought I had bone cancer because I had such severe pain in the bones of my arm.  Once Dr. Askar sent me out (for testing) to rule out cancer, she was able to address the cause of my pain, and within weeks the pain was moderately decreased.”

~ Tom G.


“I came to see Dr. Askar as the result of an automobile accident, and through her thorough exam and consult she also discovered I had a rash from a fungus that I’ve had since 1995.  I had seen a multitude of doctors and applied more cream than Carter had liver pills.  I feel that her treatments have helped me gain my quality of life back.  I have stopped taking all pain medication, stopped using a cane (that I have used since 1995), and the fungus is 95% cleared up.”

~ Vince O.


“I have suffered with migraines since I was 18 years old, and I am now 46.  That’s 28 years of pain.  I had seen every doctor from here to Pittsburgh and was given every drug imaginable, from Valium to Florinal,  and the list goes on.  The migraines would totally incapacitate me, and I would become physically ill for long periods of time.  My daughters, Tina and Brenda, had referred me to Dr. Askar, and since I started care I have not had a migraine for the past three months.  I only wish someone would have told me about her a lot sooner.”

~ Mary T.


“Dr. Askar has helped me learn that wellness is a journey.  She explained it to me one time that made so much sense that it just kind of took the questions away.  There are many layers of our body, and she addresses each one of them layer by layer like an onion.  Whenever you end up coming across a small crisis, you just go down one layer instead of back to the bottom again.  So it’s not like starting all over again.  She just comes down one level, readdresses it, and moves forward.  And so it’s a journey, a constant journey.  So remember it took you a long time to get in the place that you’re at; it’s gonna probably take you at least that length of time to recover, but you do get to the point where you are so strong from what she has done for you that it literally takes another big crisis in order to affect your overall health again.  So it’s a journey, and you have to get to the point where you enjoy the process because as we have all heard before – this too shall pass.  Most important, you have to maintain a positive attitude because your mind has a big effect on how your body heals itself.”

~ Shondra W.


“It was totally different than what I’d ever been used to how she approached my problem and diagnosed me right away, which nobody else had.  She’s the one that got me doing my household chores freely and driving without pain.”

~ Frances S.


“I came to see Dr. Askar after responding to one of her ads because I was experiencing such severe headaches, and at this point I had to see who this girl was.  I thought, ‘What kind of witch doctor is she?’  But the results spoke for themselves.  I had been to so many other doctors with no results I was ready to give up.  Just like me, you have to stop and consider – what are you paying for, and do you really want to get well?  So if you really want to get well then you’ve got to seek out the treatment that’s going to give you the results that you’re after.  So just like the rest of her patients, it’s the results that keep me coming back.”

~ Shawn B.


“I had back pain for many years.  I tried a chiropractor for twelve weeks, but found within two weeks that pain was all back.  I read Dr. Askar’s ad several times in the paper and decided I had nothing to lose.  Tying my shoes was a joke, getting in and out of the bathtub was a joke.  I thought my next step would be a wheelchair.  I felt relief after my second visit, and it got better as time went on.  I was very relaxed and actually enjoyed my therapy with the music.  The staff was warm and caring.  I feel that I have a life again, and I’m thankful I had the good sense to pick up the phone and call Dr. Askar. I recommend Dr. Askar to all my friends and family.  I carry her ad in my purse.”

~ Theresa B.


“My next step before being treated on the Accu-Spina was to get around in a wheelchair.  After treating my lumbar as well as cervical, my life has been changed.  I now have increased mobility, and I am not having to take pain medication anymore.  I don’t have to sleep with a special pillow anymore.  I can now cut the grass and do other chores.  I don’t have to use the assistance of furniture around the house to help me balance.  I am actually starting to function again.”

~ Fred A.


“I have suffered for 24/7 for 20 years with back pain and had years of treatment.  And I’ve had it all… surgery, physical therapy, hospital stays,  ESIs, back braces, body casts, to name a few… and nothing worked.  With four bulging lumbar discs in a row, this treatment has been a godsend – a real answer to a prayer.  I began to be pain free during my second week of treatment, and today, after six weeks of treatment, I am pain free 99% of the time.  (The other 1% is when I do something I shouldn’t have done).  The benefits I have received from this treatment have been great.  Along with virtually no pain, I have also lost weight.  I feel that my general health has improved as well.  How great it is to hear my wife thank me for not kicking her all night long because the pain caused me to flay my legs at night.  How wonderful I feel not complaining about back pain all the time.”

~ Glen E.


“I thought this was going to be just another avenue of throwing my money away for my back pain care.  After half of my visits for the 24 visits, my pain has reduced substantially, where I can now tie my shoes and lift my legs (which  was tough before this treatment) with no pain.”

~ Mike E.


“I would like to thank the entire staff at Beaver County Spinal Disc Center.  They have been helpful, professional and friendly during my therapy and treatments.  I am a believer in chiropractic treatment.  I have gone many times.  The last five years I have had pain on and off.  The last two years I have had treatment on my back once and sometimes twice a week.  It was not getting any better.  I saw Dr. Askar’s ad in paper.  Since the treatment I was taking did not work, and my medical doctor gave pain medicine which did not work, I went to see Dr. Askar.  I went to see Dr. Askar.  She was the only one who ever said let’s get an MRI to find the problem.  It showed herniated discs.  The benefits I have received from this treatment have been great.  I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone with back pain.”

~ Marian B.


“I would like to take this time to thank you and your wonderful staff at your clinic.  When I first came to your office about my terrible back problems, I must be honest, I just wasn’t sure if you could help me.  You not only helped me, you gave me my life back!  Because of you and your wonderful staff, I can finally play a game I truly love, golf.  To say thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ Jim S.


“I am a believer in chiropractic treatment.  I did have reservations about this particular procedure due mostly to the cost and no insurance coverage.  I have been treated extremely well.  The pain that was severe in my leg has been alleviated.  I have been assured that the result is going to be permanent.  I would advocate this procedure to anyone suffering similar pain who wants to avoid surgery at all costs.  Professionalism was demonstrated at all times.  The cost was well worth it!”

~ Carol G.


“I started my care with Dr. Askar on February 20, 2006.  I was in a car accident three weeks earlier.  I had seen my family doctor who prescribed muscle relaxer, pain medication, and physical therapy.  I still suffered from severe pain.  My normal lifestyle came to a complete halt.  I had trouble with any physical activities.  A friend referred me to Dr. Askar.  I called her on a Friday on her cell phone, and she saw me that Monday.  She took the time out of her day of shopping to talk to me.  I found relief about one month after I started treatment.  My sense of wellbeing improved, increased range of motion, and overall health.  I still have more treatment, but I know with Dr. Askar’s knowledge and spirit I will return to my normal lifestyle.  I strongly recommend Dr. Askar, for she has helped tremendously.”

~ Donna R.


“During my treatment, I continued to be impressed with the results of Dr. Askar’s  nonsurgical knee protocols.  The results I was receiving in such a short period of time and how long those results were lasting – without any side effects of drugs – blew me away.  I am so pleased that I put my skepticism aside and invested in myself.  The best part is I had my six-month follow-up, and I am feeling great!  Thanks to Dr. Askar.”

~ Charles N. 


“Dr. Askar, you gave me hope when no one else did!  I remember walking into your office in excruciating knee pain.  I tried several steroid injections, Rooster Comb shots, physical therapy, and acupuncture with no results.  You were my last resort.  Now after your Knee Relief Program, I am able to walk, climb stairs, and roll side-to-side in bed without pain, and I cannot believe the difference this had made in my life.  Thank you so much.”

~ Leslie L.


“I had read Dr. Askar’s ads many times, and I figured what did I have to lose?  I asked my PCP, and he said the same thing.  I had been receiving Rooster shots for the last three years with no relief since the first.  My ability to get around had become very limited, and I was no longer enjoying anything that involved walking or standing.  By my second treatment, I slept better than I ever had.  After the 12th visit, I was able to plant my flowers.  I also knew the treatments really worked when I was able to climb the stairs pain free to spring clean my upstairs that I had not seen in two years.”

~Sally N.


“I could no longer get up from a seated position.  I had to climb stairs one by one.  It felt like bone on bone when I walked.  I could not stand, sleep, or even walk.  I was almost totally incapacitated.  With Trigenics®, cold laser therapy, and Dr. Askar’s computerized knee machine, now I feel fantastic!  For the first time, I actually do not have knee pain.  Dr. Askar takes the time to listen, answer questions, and most important, she knows what she is doing.  I have sent a few people to her, and they have the same opinion – fantastic!  It’s a family atmosphere, with great staff.  They are like an extended family!”

~ Kevin R.


“This is the most incredible weight loss program ever!  I have tried everything from Weight Watchers to excessive dieting and exercising with short-term results.  Dr. Askar’s Program targets the adipose fat in the areas you need to lose the weight.  I am not hungry, and I have a new body.  I lost 25 pounds in 30 days and dropped my A1C by 15 points.  I can’t express enough how truly amazing and easy this program is.  The best part was I was actually encouraged not to work out.”

~ Jennifer N.


Out of sheer desperation and not wanting gastric bypass surgery, I tried Dr. Askar’s Advanced Weight Loss Program.  It was the easiest ‘diet’ I have ever been on.  And it is 6 months later, and I have still kept my 35-pound weight loss off!  The program works, and I would encourage anyone that wants to lose excess fat to contact the office immediately.  Thanks Dr. Askar!!”                                            

~ Suzanne S.


“I was advised by my surgeon that if I want to go through with my surgery I needed to lose at least 25 pounds I saw Dr. Askar’s ad and thought what did I have to lose?  My first week I lost 7 pounds, and I was so inspired, I lost a total of 32 pounds in 30 days.  The best part was I cancelled my surgery because I no longer had excruciating knee pain.  Now Dr. Askar does Trigenics® on my knees, and I feel like my body has been transformed from head to toe.”

~Scott D.


“Before I started Dr. Askar’s Weight Loss Program, I had difficulty controlling my blood pressure and was jumping from medication to medication.  I was tired and sluggish all the time.  Two weeks into the program my BP was regulated for the first time in two years, and I had a lot more energy.  It has been three months since completing the program, I am still keeping the weight off.”                    

~Christopher B.


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